• Machine weight (excluding fuel)
    36 kg
  • Maximum take-off weight
    62 kg (near sea level)
  • *Rated load
    25 kg
  • Fuel consumption at full load
    5 kg/hour
  • Range extender model
    YS7H Aviation Range Extender-6.5kW
  • Wheelbase
    2200 mm
  • Expanded structure size
    2300*2000*800 mm
  • Folded structure size
    1200*1100*800 mm
  • *Remark
    The length of flight time, load size and fuel weight of UAV affect each other. When the flight time reaches the rated reference value in the table above, the maximum load and fuel weight required will be the corresponding rated reference value in the table above.

N625 Plant Protection UAV - Load 25 kg

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