• Machine weight (excluding fuel)
    19.19 kg
  • Maximum take-off weight
    31.5 kg
  • Effective take-off load (including fuel)
    12.31 kg
  • *Rated load
    10 kg
  • *Rated fuel weight
    2 kg
  • *Rated flight time
    30 minutes
  • No-load flight time
    3.5 hours
  • Fuel consumption at full load
    3.5 kg/hour
  • Range extender model
  • Rated power
    4.5 kW
  • Propeller diameter
    42 inch
  • Wheelbase
    158 cm
  • Expanded structure size
    140cm * 140cm
  • Folded structure size
    56cm * 56cm
  • *Remark
    The length of flight time, load size and fuel weight of UAV affect each other. When the flight time reaches the rated reference value in the table above, the maximum load and fuel weight required will be the corresponding rated reference value in the table above.
  • *Remark 2
    The plateau version is equipped with a larger propeller according to the industry version; the rated working condition is calculated at an altitude of 3500 meters, and higher altitudes will reduce the load accordingly

HG410 Highland Industry Application UAV - Load 10 kg

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